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Shane and Karen they met

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In their own words

What first attracted you to your partner?

Karen: His eyes, and the fact that we shared a lot in common. Same sort of interests.
Shane: Her eyes, and having the same interests as myself.

How did your relationship progress?

Karen: We were talking via email for around a week and a half. After a couple of days we started to phone each other and we would talk for hours upon end, running up our phone bills. After about a week we met up and spent the whole day together. From then on we met up every couple of days, when we were not working, and text each other most days. I fell pregnant at the end of September which was an unplanned surprise for the both of us. However we are both very happy and looking forward to the arrival of our baby. Shane proposed to me on Valentine's Day and I accepted. This has all happened quite quickly, however we both feel as though we have known each other a lot longer then we have.

What made you realise the relationship was serious?

Karen: I know it was quick but we have so much in common and can still talk for hours upon end. We both believe honesty is very important due to past experiences and we tell each other everything. Then when I fell pregnant you could say that it was the icing on the cake.
Shane: We knew within 3-4 weeks that we were serious about one another.

What plans do you have for your relationship in the future?

Karen: After our baby is born we will decide whether to settle in the UK or if we will move to New Zealand, where Shane is from. Once this has been decided we will look into getting married.

Shane and Karen


Age: 30
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Area: St Albans


Age: 23
Occupation: Child Care Worker
Area: St Albans

Questions for the couple

Questions for her:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I was a member for one month before I met Shane - he was the first person I met!

Questions for him:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had joined on a three day free trial when I met Karen - she was the first person I met.