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John and Suzanne they met

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In their own words

What first attracted you to your partner?

Suzanne: The fact that he could spell was a start. He also had a similar background and we seemed to have quite a bit in common.
John: Very chatty, we had a lot in common. Picture was very nice too.

How did your relationship progress?

Suzanne: To cut a long story short, we have now been together for nearly 8 months and have had 2 really romantic weekend breaks in Barcelona and Rome. In the last week, we have moved in together and are really happy. A big thank you to for making this happen - we both never thought we could meet someone so alike over the Internet.
John: After an initial email, we chatted on the site for a couple of days and instantly knew that we had a lot in common. We eventually swapped personal email addresses and carried on the correspondence, swapping photos and then eventually mobile phone numbers. After texting for another couple of days, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Suzanne out for a drink the next day. We were both busy that evening so planned to go for a coffee that lunchtime instead. Looking back, meeting for a coffee was a great way to chat and get to know each other with out steadily falling into a drunken stupour!

What made you realise the relationship was serious?

John: Suzanne went away on holiday for a month with her family after we had only known each other for a few weeks. We kept in touch through out this period and were very happy to be back together again when she returned. We had also missed each other.

What plans do you have for your relationship in the future?

Suzanne: We have planned a holiday for the end of February 2007 and have plans to attend lots of friends' weddings next summer.

John and Suzanne


Age: 32
Occupation: Scientist
Area: Leicestershire


Age: 31
Occupation: Statistician
Area: Leicestershire

Questions for the couple

Questions for her:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had been on for one week when I met George. He was the first person I met.

Questions for him:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had been on the site for a year when I met Suzanne. I had met up with two other people from the site before I met her.