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Kevin and Emma they met

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In their own words

What first attracted you to your partner?

Emma: He had a lovely photograph and I was attracted by our similar interests and passions. I thought we would get on really well.
Kevin: Emma sounded interesting and had a bit of mystery about her. She also looked gorgeous in her photo.

How did your relationship progress?

Emma: We emailed each other for about 3 weeks before we decided to meet. We would both rush in from work at the end of the day and check our emails to see if the other had left a message - it was very exciting and we felt like young teenagers again. We decided to meet in a local pub and I don't mind admitting that it was the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done. We met at the pub and all the nerves disappeared - we got on like a house on fire! We could not stop chatting. We both decided to see each other again a few days later and went to the cinema. Soon we were doing everything together. We are buying a house together - we are just waiting for the completion date and then we can move in - it should be in the next couple of weeks. Kevin also proposed to me 2 weeks ago - it was a romantic setting as he took me for a walk along the beach as the sun was setting! I cannot believe that after only 8 months I am happy, with the man of my dreams and engaged to be married. I could not be happier than I am right now!

What made you realise the relationship was serious?

Emma: We realised that the relationship was serious after only a few weeks as we were inseparable. We did everything together and got on so well.
Kevin: We were best friends from quite early on and could tell each other almost anything. We had so much in common.

What plans do you have for your relationship in the future?

Emma: After we move in together in the next few weeks we plan to do up the house together and get that sorted. We will then discuss plans to get married.

Kevin and Emma


Age: 28
Occupation: IT Manager
Area: Dorset


Age: 26
Occupation: Teacher
Area: Dorset

Questions for the couple

Questions for her:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

Kevin was the first person I met on I had been a member for three months.

Questions for him:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had been on the site for a month when I met Emma, she was the first person I met too!