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James and Charlotte they met

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In their own words

What first attracted you to your partner?

Charlotte: I was first attracted no doubt to his big blue eyes. He felt very honest to me from the start and had a sensitivity about him that was very attractive and something that I hadn't really experienced before.
James: My partner looked very confident when I met her which I found very attractive. Her lovely complexion also struck me when we first met. As I got to know her we found we got on very well together and realised we had a lot of things in common.

How did your relationship progress?

James: Funnily enough, it was literally the last day of Charlotte's membership when I eventually contacted her. We emailed about every other day and finally met for the first time at Appley Beach on the Isle of Wight. We initially saw each other twice a week for the first two to three months and then we started meeting more regularly until we finally started living together. Much of our time in the early days was exploring the island together with romantic walks and picnics with our dog Bronte, which we still do now. We spent our first anniversary in Paris which we both loved and was a destination my partner has always wanted to go to and it meant a lot to me to be part of realising that dream. Two years ago last July we finally brought our first house together. Our relationship has blossomed even more since we've moved in. So much so that last August 2005 I asked a work colleague's partner if she could make a ring for us which I kept quiet for a while... meanwhile I obtained the painting from my friend and presented this painting to my partner last Christmas. She was very happy with it although she thought it was going to be an engagement ring so she was a little bit disappointed deep down. Little did she know that this ring was going to come one week later! Earlier this year we went to Australia with Charlotte's parents to visit family and on the way we stopped off at Hong Kong. On New Year's Day in Hong Kong I went down on bended knee and proposed to Charlotte whilst on Victoria Peak (fantastic view!). We had a bit of an audience but we didn't care.

What made you realise the relationship was serious?

James: We knew it was serious when we both felt unhappy when we were apart. Everything felt right. I brought myself and Charlotte a copy of Tracy Chapman's album 'Let it Rain' in the early days, which we both played when we were apart to remind us of when we spent happy times together. When we were together time went really quickly and when apart we couldn't wait to be together again.

What plans do you have for your relationship in the future?

Charlotte: Now nearly four years into our relationship we are looking at getting married and starting a family together which is a quite exciting prospect for both of us. After that, who knows?
James: We are planning to get married this year and are going to plan to start a family next year. We're not sure how many children to have yet. Probably 1 or 2. In the near future we are considering emigrating to Australia.

James and Charlotte


Age: 31
Occupation: Designer
Area: Isle of Wight


Age: 32
Occupation: Psychologist
Area: Isle of Wight

Questions for the couple

Questions for her:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had been on the site for a month when I met James. I had two previous meetings - both nice guys. I just didn't feel that initial spark. Third time lucky!

Questions for him:

How long were you a member of before you met and did you meet anyone else first?

I had been using the site for a month when I met Charlotte - she was the first person I met through the site.