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Our success stories

Date November 23 2011
Our story started nearly six years ago on this very site. Tony messaged me but I was already seeing someone else from this site, but that wasn't to be. I messaged Tony, and after about 2 weeks of messaging we decided to meet for our first date. We met at a local pub and we hit it off straight away. We continued to date for a while and after a couple of months we decided to become an official couple. It was only a month or so after that we both declared our love!! This all happened on Christmas Day. The following August we moved into our first home together. Everything ran smoothly for 18 months then out of the blue Tony decided that he needed time apart. Well that didn't actually happen, we 'spilt' up by not living together but never actually lost contact. After 9 long long months we finally got back together in August 2008. By June 2009 Tony decided that he couldn't live without me and proposed, of course I said yes. And now in October 2011 we are celebrating our 2 month wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, so far!!!

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