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Our success stories

Date July 25 2016
My fiancé Tonka and I met on the site in 2010. I joined on 2 October after the recommendation of a work colleague who met their now husband on the site in 2004. They got married in the year I met my fiancé and were both previously divorced, just like I was. I was initially sceptical since I had never used a dating website before and I was anxious about meeting someone that would be a good match for me. To my amazement, there were many potential matches for me, and by the end of my first month of membership, I had met my husband to be. We found we both had a lot in common, which is credit to the way the site allowed me to design some questions to ask a potential date. This helped to alleviate a lot of my fears at the time, as from the answers they gave to my questions helped me to know whether I wanted to take the relationship further. Both of us are delighted we tried the site, and we would like to encourage other people from a similar background to ourselves to try the site as there are still many misconceptions about meeting people through this medium due to fears of being deceived. I particularly appreciated the checks and balances that the website had put in place to encourage safer dating, and I would recommend the site unconditionally for one of the ways of meeting a prospective partner.

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